Me & Dancing

Or “Dancing & Me”? I’ll go straight to what I consider most important about dancing. Lately, I started searching for perfect conversations or ways to obtain and improve the current ones and I found out that dancing provides the best context and tools to facilitate this. Why is dancing a conversation? Well, let me describe... Continue Reading →

Why bother?

Let’s get to know each other better. There are lots of things that pass through my mind and the easiest way for me to speak them out is to write them down. I’m almost sure there are others who have some of these thoughts or mixed feelings about some situations expressed in the following lines,... Continue Reading →


This is how it all started. Knowing that I did some improv workshops in the past, a friend of mine who recently got re-involved in the scouts team asked me if I can dedicate a few hours of my time to show the kids some improvisation theatre games. I embraced the idea immediately even though... Continue Reading →


Everything started in August when someone from the dance classes proposed that we go to Italian Open, a West Coast Swing Dancing event in Milan. Back then I wasn't very sure if I should go; I was more likely not to. Why was that? I had various reasons: I had dancing classes for only one... Continue Reading →

Good Enough Is the New Perfect

This is what my brother told me a few years ago. I do not know where he got it, but it has fitted him since. During faculty, he was the studious type - he learned a lot for each subject, trying to understand rather than memorize the information given, and do all the required projects... Continue Reading →

Mighty and The Brain

Mighty and The BrainAre functioning the same! This is how it all started. Last year I was with a friend of mine in Fagaras Mountains. It took us five days to do the whole ridge. On our way we met a man who told us he had been doing this expedition every year for seven... Continue Reading →

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